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Book review of Fun and Games at the Zoo by Kevin Price

Review of 'Fun and Games at the Zoo' by Kevin Price

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely author Kevin Price at the South of England showground and he kindly signed the books to our son Elliot. (We felt guilty afterwards as we'd totally forgotten about our daughter, so she missed out on having her name there too! Oh well, if she asks, we'll tell her she wasn't born at the time we went to the show!). Our son loves to roar extremely loudly whenever the book is near as Kevin Price wrote 'How loud can you roar?' when he signed the book!

Our son loves the books. Anything to do with animals and he gets excited. Zoo animals are particular favourites. Add in a dinosaur and you may have him hooked for life! This review is for 'Fun and Games at the Zoo' but we will also review the other book we bought, 'Feeding time at the Zoo', at a later date. Both were real winners.

The review

A fun, rhyming story featuring the popular Maisie and Bertie characters from The Beauty Contest at the Zoo
Children can join in with the games that Maisie and Bertie play with the animals; they can race with the cheetah, bounce with the kangaroo, swing through the trees with the chimpanzees, roar with the lion, dive with the penguins, pull funny faces with the monkeys, hang upside down with the fruit bats, slide down the elephant's trunk, and roll with the porcupines before snuggling up with the bear in his den at bedtime.

We quickly realised that this is not a book to read at bedtime. For once, our son became far too excited and secondly, the book has various actions on each page that you just have to get involved with. Perfect for rolling around hilariously on the floor being an animal! Cries of 'again, again', would come after each action. Without giving away too much of the plot, the story will have you running, jumping and warned!

A lovely story follows the energetic actions. If the actions put you off, just ignore the action box or cover it with hand (if your children are young enough to be fooled!) and you're still left with an entertaining story that you'll want to read again and again. Elliot loved the porcupines although he called them 'hedgehogs'! Luckily the book ends with a snuggle down in bed for a nice rest as the bear goes to sleep in his den.. A great idea for calming down the little ones and trying to encourage bedtime (if you've made the mistake of choosing to read it then!).

We thoroughly enjoyed this charming book. I am so glad we bumped into Kevin at the show, thank you! We are really looking forward to your next books and hope to meet you again at the show next year to buy our signed copies!

We will be reviewing this book, by Kevin Price, next on the blog

More about the author
Kevin Price hasn’t always been a children’s author. In fact, until very recently he was the Managing Director of a company that supplies construction materials, having spent his working life in the construction industry. However, after the loss of his much-loved daughter Maisie, he found that writing poetry helped him to express his grief. One day it was suggested that he should have a go at writing a children’s story. Having spent a week or two thinking about this, Kevin sat down and wrote his first rhyming story, The Beauty Contest at the Zoo. This would become a book which features Maisie as one of the central characters and provides a lasting celebration of her short life.

Having written the draft for The Beauty Contest at the Zoo, Kevin spent the next few weeks writing solidly and many more stories and rhymes appeared, including The Silly Solar System and Crazy Creepy Crawlies, both of which have become books in their own right.

Kevin has now left the construction industry and is a full time children’s author and the proprietor of KAMA Publishing. He plans to publish many more books in the near future, including more zoo stories which feature Maisie and her father Bertie and sequels to The Silly Solar System and Crazy Creepy Crawlies.

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